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Do you have difficulty keeping track of your medications? Are you frustrated with the time consuming task of keeping track of them?  Are you concerned about a loved one that needs help managing medications?  If so, Adams Drugs Medicine On Time® is for you.  We offer a convenient, simple way to keep track of daily medication administration, so there is no guessing, “Was this dose taken?”  No more keeping track of your medications every day – a quick look at the “bubble pack” and you will know instantly if any doses were missed.

​Medicine-On-Time will deliver the medications to your home or to the assisted living facility. Some delivery fees may be added.

We provide MAR’s and MSR’s for facilities that request them for their patients.

Adams Drugs Medicine On Time®, a convenient way to simplify your life.



What is Adams Drugs Medicine On Time®?

Medicine On Time® is a convenient, simple way to keep track of which medicines have been taken and at what time.

We use a color-coded bubble pack system that is set up like a monthly calendar. The color indicates the time of day your medicine should be taken and each “bubble” is labeled with your name, date, time medicine should be taken and can hold up to six medications.

We dispense your doses as they are to be taken, for example, if you take 1 ½ tablets per dose, then 1 ½ tablets are administered for that dose.


What about when I travel and only need to take a few days of medication with me?

You can take the doses that you will need on your trip with you – our packages are perforated so you can tear off the days that you will need while you are away.  It’s just that simple.


How will I remember to take a new medication that my doctor has prescribed for me after my medications have been packaged for the month?

We will fill your new prescription and add it in to your existing medication for you.  We can also repackage  your prescriptions if a medication is discontinued or if there is a dosage change.


How do I get started on Medicine On Time®?

You can call us to set up an appointment time, so we will have plenty of time for your individual needs.

Kathy Lincoln, RPh.

Auburn University

Harrison School of Pharmacy 1999

I love the relationships I have developed with our patients.  We make sure they are taking the right medicine, at the right time.